An Invasion of Business Like Never Before

The Indian hospitality sector is undergoing one of its worst-ever crises in living memory and is putting every effort to deal with this unprecedented invasion. Even now, hotels are relentlessly providing quality services to their guests. So, who are the guests staying at these hotels?
Ajay Mehtani The Indian hospitality sector is perhaps undergoing one of its worst-ever crises in living memory and is putting every effort to deal with this unprecedented invasion.

Based on our discussions with key industry stakeholders, we understand that as of 30th of March 2020, 57% of 787 branded hotels in the country have become non-operational, a never before event in the history of the Indian hotel industry.

The few hotels that are operating are running with occupancies ranging at circa 10% or even lower. Even during these challenging times, hotels have been relentlessly providing quality services to their guests, truly embodying the spirit of hospitality.

So, who are the guests staying in these hotels?

Hotels are being offered as quarantine facilities for new arrivals
Hotels are offering their facilities for quarantine purposes to people who have traveled into India recently and have been asked by the Government to adhere to a 14-day, self-isolation period. These hotels are providing guests with all possible comforts, albeit within the confinement of their rooms, following government regulations and safety standards.

Guests who were not able to return due to the lock down
Several foreign and domestic guests, some of whom were long staying guests at the hotel, who were not able to return home to their respective countries or cities due to the lock down are also continuing their stay. For these stranded guests, hotels are providing them a ‘home away from home’.

Hotels as ‘offices’ for business continuity teams
In some cases, hotel rooms are getting converted as ‘office spaces’ for organizations. As we all know that essential services need to run even in the current challenging environment. Several organizations have set-up small Business Continuity teams to continue their operations. These teams are staying and working from hotel rooms to ensure that they are able to maintain essential services for their clients. Meanwhile, hotels provide these teams all the facilities and infrastructure required for their operations, along with stay and meals, while maintaining ‘social distancing’ protocols required in the current situation.

We, at HVS, are hoping that the situation becomes better sooner than later, and the sector comes out stronger from this experience. We would like to take this opportunity to thank each one of our colleagues in the industry as we are grateful to them for working relentlessly even in this challenging environment.

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