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Why the Management Team Should Be Important to Hotel Lenders

Lenders that orignate hotel loans without thoroughly investigating the quality of the management company or managment team are overlooking one of the most important components of a hotel investment.

How Do High Intererst Rates Affect Your Motel's Value?

Anyone who has attempted to obtain financing during the last twelve months realizes that the cost of borrowing has reached record heights.

Making Alan Greenspan Your Partner

Part of your hotel's value is controlled by the Federal Reserve, which can raise or lower the sales price of your hotel investment at their whim.

The Rushmore Letter - Hotel Investments: A Guide for Lenders and Owners

Hotel Investments: A Guide for Lenders and Owners describes the process of making sound hotel investments.

Public Involvement in Hotel Financing

The author discusses trends in the public support of hospitality projects, which is becomming increasing common as municipalities seek to improve their competitive position in the convention and conference center business.

The Magic, Curse Of Leverage

Steve Rushmore's Septemeber 2004 Hotels article

Low Interest Rates and High Demand for Hotel Assets Fuels Value Gains

In this article the author explains how current low interest rates and high demand for hotel assets affect value gains.

A Guide for Lenders Holding Distressed Hotel Loans

Today's lodging market has been hit hard by overbuilding and falling demand. As a result, many lenders are monitoring hotel loans that are not current in their debt service payments.
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