Hotel Management

Owners and developers who are purchasing a hotel property for the first time or want to improve the value of property they already own; lenders initiating foreclosure on a hotel property where a receiver is needed; lawyers and institutional/government entities seeking an expert opinion of a hotel operator – these are among the clients who depend on HVS for hotel management services.

We assist new hotel buyers and developers in all phases of the hotel management process. Our diverse experience allows us to thoroughly assess the potential of a hotel property and put the resources in place to help ensure success.

Moreover, our hotel management team is efficient and aggressive in dealing with complex legal issues. We manage receiverships with a focus on protecting the loan's collateral and maximizing net operating income, with minimum cash input from the lender — all while preparing the hotel for sale by eliminating encumbrances, contracts and leases.

Our credentials are unassailable. We can speak not only as hotel industry experts, but also as operators who manage properties rather than acting only as "consultants." The HVS hotel management team manages and asset manages 10 to 20 hotels at a time while undertaking multiple consulting assignments a year.

What's more, we make it easy to contract with us. Our management agreements are owner-friendly as to terms, written in plain English and cancelable without cause with 30 days' notice and at minimal costs.

You can learn more about strategies and services to maximize return on your hospitality invesment here.


How We Help Our Clients

  • Provide expertise in all phases of hotel marketing, sales, revenue management and operations based on extensive experience
  • Leverage the most comprehensive database of market and hotel operating data, agreements and hospitality-industry related contacts including lenders, owners, developers, hotel companies and related professionals
  • Enable expedited and cost-effective access to the extensive resources of HVS — the world's largest hospitality-focused consulting firm