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In Focus: Seattle, WA

Occupancy swung above 75% for Seattle’s hotel industry in 2014, a reflection of the city’s blossoming economy. High demand has also supported strong average rates and rising hotel values.

Key Takeaways | 4th Annual HVS Hotel Market Connections

The North American hotel industry is still firing on all cylinders, with year-to-date occupancies at an all-time high. While some markets face challenges from new supply, prospects appear healthy in the near term.

Four Key Takeaways | CHRIS Conference 2015

Hoteliers at the CHRIS conference in Miami explored investment opportunities in the Caribbean, where several factors have led to a surge in hotel performance.

Market Intelligence Report 2013 Cincinnati

Cincinnati’s workforce is set to return to pre-recessionary proportions by 2014, making the city’s economic recovery among the fastest in the Midwest. Cincinnati’s hotel industry has realized slower growth, though demand and ADR are trending upward.

Market Intelligence Report 2013 Minneapolis

Fortune 500 companies, universities, and a thriving arts and culture scene drive commercial, meeting and group, and leisure demand to Minneapolis hotels, which have experienced a solid recovery over the past two years.

Dallas Market Intelligence Report 2013

A multitude of major industries consistently generates demand for hotels in Dallas, where unemployment is falling and economic output is picking up. This article looks at developments and dynamics across Dallas’s hotel submarkets.

HVS Market Intelligence Report: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Awards for quality of life and career development have graced the Twin Cities in recent years, and a growing number of global corporations have established operations in the area. How do hotels stand to benefit from Minneapolis’ economic resurgence?

Panorama da Hotelaria Brasileira: prévia do 4º trimestre de 2010

A boa fase da economia nacional continua a estimular o crescimento da demanda e da receita em todos os mercados acompanhados. Esta última, porém, sofreu desaceleração no período analisado, em virtude do crescimento reduzido da ocupação.

Panorama da Hotelaria Brasileira: prévia do 3º trimestre de 2010

O crescimento econômico nacional continua estimulando a recuperação da demanda e da receita em todos os mercados acompanhados. A novidade é que o principal direcionador desse crescimento passa a ser a diária média ao invés da ocupação.

Quando vale a pena investir em hotéis?

De uma maneira simplista, um investimento é vantajoso sempre que sua rentabilidade esperada for maior que a de outros investimentos com nível de risco menor ou igual ao do considerado.