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HVS U.S. Hotel Development Cost Survey 2010

The 2009/10 hotel development survey reports updated per-room development costs through the end of 2010. This year's survey reveals a range of factors impacting the turnkey cost of hotel development.”

Le Tour d’Europe - The Race for Recovery

Highlights of the recent changes in the 36 European markets analysed in the HVS annual European Hotel Valuation Index, in terms of trading performance and transactions, as well as an indication of the anticipated hotel values by the end of 2010

Appraisal Institute Webinar: A Debate on the Allocation of Hotel Total Assets

Steve Rushmore participates in the Appraisal Institute’s “Debate on the Allocation of Hotel Total Assets” via Webinar.

How Convention Centers Influence Hotel Markets

HVS recommends using regression models to measure the impacts of convention centers on their surrounding hotel markets.

The Impact of Seller Financing Upon Hotel Values

Seller financing is becoming more prevalent in hotel real estate transactions. This analysis outlines contemporary thinking on seller financing while illustrating its impact on value in a hypothetical case study.

Buying Opportunities On The Horizon

Steve Rushmore's January 2009 article for Lodging Hospitality magazine.

Europe: Refinancing a hotel in today's restricted debt markets

HVS Hodges Ward Elliott reviewed and analysed the prospects for hotel refinancing in the current environment following a survey conducted amongst the hotel teams of a number of leading European banks.

Inside the Valuation of the Yellowstone Club

In 2009, HVS provided valuation and expert testimony for the Yellowstone Club in US Court. The appraisal of the private club, resort and master planned community, financed by Credit Suisse, shares insights into causes of the global financial crisis.

HVS United States Hotel Valuation Index In-Depth Insights 2009

The 2009 U.S. Hotel Valuation Index (HVI), tracking 65 major markets and the United States as a whole, discusses the historical and projected impact of the credit crisis and resultant recession upon U.S. hotel values.

Monitoring Hotel Loan Performance to Mitigate Risk

Lenders who originated loans in 2006 and 2007 in the peak of the economic cycle should now be closely monitoring the performance of these loans to develop strategies to mitigate risk and exposure as economic conditions are now vastly different.
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