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Keys and Hotel Security

At the birth of the republic, hotels had neither room keys or security. Today, while keys are being phased out, security is stronger than ever.

The Increasing Demise of Telephone Profits in Full-Service Hotels

This article briefly discusses the three primary reasons that have led to the demise of telephone profits in full-service lodging facilities.

System for Selecting A Management Company

Selecting a management company to run your hotel requires thorough due diligence. While a strong brand is important, there are many other issues that need to be considered during the selection process.

Economy Lodging: Always In Transition

Since its inception, the economy segment has undergone a continual process of transition. Although most owners, operators and lenders take a “stick to the basics” approach, a problem arises when one attempts to define just what “the basics” are.

Staying A Step Ahead of Your Guests

Staying ahead of guests in technology is as important as providing ultra comfortable bedding these days. This article explores how to impress your guests without spending a fortune.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Hotels should go above and beyond their competitors to sell peace of mind. In return for taking better care, hotels should benefit from better internal control procedures, measurable payback and considerable goodwill.

Technology In Hospitality - Clash and Collaboration

Technologists and Hoteliers have very different personalities, yet both are critical to successful hotel technology decisions. This article explores the nature of that sometimes difficult collaboration, and offers some advice for a smooth process.

Buying a Hotel To House Your Tour Flow

Tour flow alone typically will not fill a hotel. Business travelers, meeting and convention travelers, and pleasure or leisure travelers are the three primary market segments that comprise the total of lodging demand.

Observations From The Road

Steve Rushmore's May 2004 Hotels article.

Performance Analysis Techniques to Drive Profits

Australian Tourism Export Council Symposium, Royal Pines Resort – 30 April 2004