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«Зеленый» отель в России - оксиморон или необратимое будущее? (Часть 2)

Как снизить воздействие гостиницы на окружающую среду? Какие преимущества у «зеленой» гостиницы, чем хорош такой объект для владельцев и менеджмента? На эти вопросы мы постараемся ответить во второй части нашей статьи об Eco Hotels в России.

Lean and Green: Control HVAC Costs with Demand-Controlled Ventilation

Ever feel like you're coming down with a cold after attending an event in a hotel meeting room? That's because most hotels don’t effectively use demand-controlled ventilation, a technique that ensures that ventilation air contains enough fresh air.

«Зеленый» отель в России - оксиморон или необратимое будущее? (Часть 1)

Кому, кроме Greenpeace, интересно влияние гостиничного предприятия на экологию? Есть ли у гостиниц экологические обязательства по закону РФ? Начиная серию статей, посвященных вопросу Eco Hotels в России, мы попробуем ответить на эти и другие вопросы.

Optimize the Bottom Line with Facility Optimization

A recent HVS Eco Services Facility Optimization analysis identified potential savings of $1,053,726 per year - a 14% reduction in annual energy costs for a portfolio of fifteen full-service hotels located in various regions across the United States.

Lean and Green: How to Cut Costs While Improving Environmental Performance

The utility data management system offered by HVS Eco Services allows hotel and restaurant operators to significantly reduce accounting costs and utility consumption, and accurately document environmental performance.

Pulling Together or Pulling Apart - The Sustainable Debate

Are sustainable developments and other green initiatives the result of sound strategic decisions or just a transitory humanist trend?

Green is the New Gold in Lodging

Environmental awareness offers the greatest opportunity to the industry since the innovation of niche products like focused-service hotels. This article discusses various certification programs, and demonstrates the business case for green lodging.

Canadian Lodging Outlook January 2008

Where will a hotel see the results of its green initiatives...

Good incentives for green hotels

Eco-friendly construction and operations practices can mean green for hoteliers.

Sustainable Hotel Business Practices: A Surface Examination

As global tourist arrivals continue increasing, demand and supply trends in regards to sustainable business practices are shifting.