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2009 Restaurant Trends

Restaurant trends for 2009 include decreases in holiday business, increases in menu prices, softening in real estate prices and demand for sites, and currency trends impacting international tourism.

Future-Proof Your Business

Restaurant industry trends, careful budgeting, and good marketing practices will help a restaurant survive a slowing economy.

Why New Restaurants Fail

The high failure rate of new restaurants can be attributed in part to a lack of understanding of the restaurant's market. This article addresses the need for a market study prior to the commitment of a major investment in a new restaurant.

Golf and Country Clubs: Setting Higher Goals for Profitability in Food & Beverage

There are many opportunities for golf clubs to operate the food and beverage facilities in a more efficient way that will save resources, deliver better product & services, keep customers happy and ultimately deliver more to the bottom.

Hotel F&B - To Lease or Not to Lease?

The primary role of the F&B department is to enhance the overall profits of a hotel. Many claim hotels with F&B should maximize the department’s profit or lease income. Instead, maybe the departmental profit motive should be secondary.

Restaurant Rent: How Much is Too Much?

The question of how much rent a restaurant operation can afford to pay is explored, using examples of fixed rent and percentage rent. The relationship between gross sales and rent paid is discussed.

When Do I Need an Appraisal of My Restaurant's Real Estate?

Real estate appraisers are frequently asked to give examples of when it is appropriate to have an appraisal performed to determine market value or investment value. This article gives some examples.

The Appraisal of Food Service Facilities

The real growth of the food industry is consideraly less than the apparent increases signaled by steadily rising sales volumes. Nevertheless, there are opportunties for growth and profits for well-managed restaurants.

Food & Beverage Hospitality Report - What Is My Restaurant Business Worth?

In this article, the author explains how to determine the value of a restaurant business, including its real estate and personal property.

Two Schools of Thought in Managing Restaurants

When it comes to restaurant operations, there are two schools of thought in restaurant management: one watches dollars go down the drain, while the other watches dollars come in the front door.