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HVS Monday Musings: The Uncharted Waters of Cruise Tourism in India

India, with its vast coastline and an elaborate network of waterways on the mainland, has significant latent growth potential for cruise tourism. Read on to know more.

HVS Monday Musings: Northeast India: The Unexplored Paradise

Despite its breathtaking natural beauty and tourist attractions, northeast India attracts a negligible number of visitors. Large-scale infrastructure development and other initiatives are expected to help turn things around in the future. Continue reading to learn more.

Momento de Investir no seu Hotel

Ao longo do ano de 2009 as receitas hoteleiras tiveram uma expressiva queda como reflexo da crise financeira mundial, fazendo com que os hotéis tivessem que recorrer à redução de custos para manterem a sua margem operacional.

Developing a Sustainable Dubai

This article examines the hotel market in Dubai. It comments on the historic performance as well as focusing on the apparent sustainability of Dubai’s hotel market as it stood before the financial crisis.

Cairo Market Snapshot 2009

An overview of the Cairo hotel market including new developments and initiatives.