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Paid Publication HVS MarketCast Report

Order the HVS MarketCast Report for an 18-month forecast of occupancy and ADR for your defined competitive set. Let HVS do the work of pouring over economic indicators, recent market trends and market insights, changes to existing supply, and the entrance of new supply for a forecast of future performance.

$2,000 Single Property (Bulk Discounts Available)

The tailor-made HVS MarketCast Report assists hotel owners, property managers, and asset managers in forecasting future property performance by having a well-developed HVS submarket forecast for comparison. Enhancing the forecasting process is essential to setting the right plans in place to optimize a lodging facility’s profitability, and the HVS CompSet Report can help.

Data are by month for the competitive set:

  • Occupancy
  • Average Rate (ADR)
  • RevPAR

Summary insights that influenced the forecast are also included. The file is provided in Excel format.

For more information or a sample report, please contact Robert Fitzpatrick at [email protected].

Paid Publication HVS Guide to Hotel Management Contracts

This guide, to be published in 2023, will provide an extensive review of hotel management agreements across the United States, offering an in-depth understanding of the key terms and clauses of these agreements. In addition, the reviews are supported by expert insights to provide you with relevant and useful information.

Why is this guide more relevant than ever?

Among all the many peculiarities of the hotel industry, the hotel management contract is likely the most unique. It is a binding contract between owners and operators that has evolved over almost six decades; in fact, the first hotel management contract was signed for the Hong Kong Hilton, which opened in 1963.

The management contract structure allowed hotel companies to expand rapidly and become what is now known as “asset light.” Of course, hotel owners stand to benefit, in that they can bring in sound management expertise to their property and partake in the financial upside, unlike the traditional lease model that preceded it. Leveraging their management expertise, operators pushed for the hotel management contract to rapidly become the norm in the industry as a “take it or leave it” proposition to owners.

Over time, the hotel management contract has become an intricate web of terms and clauses that defines the relation between owner and operator. The balance of power in this relationship needs to be carefully established, which was, and unfortunately still is, not always a given. Owners need to be on their toes and bring in expert advice from consultants and lawyers to navigate the complexities of an agreement that can bind them for decades to come.

This year’s HVS Guide to Hotel Management Contracts by Robert Fitzpatrick and the HVS Hotel Asset Management & Advisory Team will give insights into prevalent terms and how contracts have evolved over the last five years. This guide provides a reference for owners to understand the language of hotel management contracts while demonstrating our extensive “hands-on” experience. The authors provide insight into the five principal sections of a management contract: term and renewals, operator management fees, performance test, budget and expenditures, and termination of the contract by owner. Key money and indemnification are also addressed.

We hope this guide can serve the industry as a reference to make better decisions, effecting better and more-balanced relations between owners and operators.

  • The full guide and survey report, comprising approximately 30 pages, can be purchased for US$2,000.

All reports are available in PDF (soft copy) only. A personalized copy of the report will be sent.

For more information, please contact Robert Fitzpatrick at [email protected].

Jordan’s soaring tourism sector

Jordan has become a popular travel destination in the Middle East. It was ranked the sixth Arab country in the 2022 Travel and Tourism Development Index and listed within the top 10 tourist destinations in 2023 by the US Tour Operator Association. Maria Quintero, HVS’ associate – consulting and valuation, provides insights into Jordan’s success and the factors that make it an appealing choice for travelers worldwide.

Hotel Operators Get Creative To Enhance Guest Revenue Capture

As HVS associates travel nationwide and experience new hotels, or newly renovated and revitalized properties, we are seeing many owners creating innovative ways to generate revenue. This article lists just a few ways we’ve recently come across.

The True Magic: Supporting Spa Employees

It is easy to evaluate spa and wellness practices in hospitality from a consumer-facing perspective. Obvious touch points include unique treatments, high thread counts, and inviting environments. However, this is all for naught if supporting your employees is not an integral part of supporting your customers’ needs.

HVS Webinar: Higher Interest Rates are Here to Stay but the “Old Normal” will Come Back

In the latest of HVS’s series of webinars, 425 attendees heard a topical discussion from a line-up of expert speakers on the current status of debt finance within the Hotel sector.

Sustainable Business Travel: Our Partnership for a Greener Future

If we want to avoid the most severe effects of climate change, the world must halve carbon emissions by 2030. At HVS, travel is an essential component of what we do, and carbon emissions are inevitable. But we are highly committed to reducing our carbon footprint.

HVS Monday Musings: Raising the Bar for Goa's Tourism

In light of the changing traveller preferences, increasing affinity for experiential tourism, and the growing popularity of other leisure destinations, Goa, often called the leisure capital of India, needs to step up its tourism game to maintain its leadership position. Read on to know more.

Birmingham Hotel Market: Setting Up to Knock It Out of the Park

With a steadily growing population that recently passed the one-million-residents mark, Birmingham is proving itself a rising star in the southeast following its swift recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The largest city in Alabama is now positioning itself as a leader in the field of sports entertainment.

HVS Takeaways from the NYU Hospitality Conference

This week marked the 45th Annual NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference, with the industry’s leaders descending on the Marriott Marquis Times Square to discuss the future of lodging. This article provides the key takeaways from HVS attendees.
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